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La Vie Boheme

WYNONA & BRAD If you are a romantic who loves rich colours and textures, with a little hint of macrame luxe then this bohemian dream will make you smile for miles. Weddings like this come along very rarely and for a company like ours are a dream come true.  They are made with a clear [...]

A Scottish fling

NATALIE & CLINT Weddings are such a terrific thing, made with such joy, some are full installations designed by companies like ours and others are created with the couple and their families, and this intensely beautiful wedding is the best example of what can happen when families, couples and event companies come together to make [...]

A family affair

DANAE & MICHAEL This wedding should come with a caution attached as it is sure to make you breathless!  It does me and in fairness everyone else who is lucky enough to see the many splendid images of this magnificent couple, their beautiful family and their simple yet stylish garden party wedding. If small intimate [...]

True Romantics

 GEORGIE & TOM There are so many different wedding styles, modern, classical, bohemian, vintage, rustic but what about the romantics, it is a word not commonly used to announce a style of event anymore but I cannot think of any other better way to describe the style and feel of Georgie and Toms incredibly beautiful, [...]